Spa Quality Tanning

I couldn't be happier with the service I was given. The lady at the front desk was amazing. She was very polite and walked me through every step with using the brand spankin new tanning bed. The beds are immaculate. The entire shop is beautiful and very clean. The prices are also fair and cheap. I will NEVER go tanning anywhere else again!

Amanda Shade/Berry

Google Reviewer

Absolutely love this place to tan, they have a stand up thats epic and I wouldn't go most other places in town. They're clean and the staff are always helpful. They also have great packages making their already low prices even better.

Lil Princess Isis

Google Reviewer

Love Embelish. Their tanning beds are the best in town. I travel from Jersey shore to tan everyday. The prices is great and I always find cute clothes in the salon.

Julianne Spotts

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(3) Ergoline Affinity 600/800 - 12 Min Beds

With their 46/52 Turbo Power UV lamps and 4 Ultra Performance facial tanners, the Affinity 600/800 provides an excellent tanning result. The wide Body Shape acrylic, with an integrated headrest, variable footrests and comfortable armrests, ensures a relaxing tanning experience from beginning to end. Standard AC Plus air-conditioning keeps clients cool and comfortable even during the longest tanning session.

Ergoline Essence 48 - 9 Min Booth

The Ergoline Essence 48 surrounds you with 48 bulbs with 200 watts each of tanning power. Full-length handrails in the Essence make it easy for clients to stand in the ideal tanning position. The sound system, with connections for a headset and MP3 player, provides great entertainment. The top-mount body fan ensures a pleasant temperature during the tanning session. The Essence tans all those hard to get spots!!

Session Packages

10-$59 or 16-$68

*Expire after 6 mo

Laydown Bed or Standup Booth

Laydown Bed


Ergoline Affinity 600/800

Per Month Unlimited


Per 10 Total Sessions

Or $12.00 Per Session

Stand-Up Booth


Ergoline Essence 48​

Per Month Unlimited


Per 10 Total Sessions

Or $8.00 Per Session



Equals two months free Tanning.

Includes Laydown or Standup